Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year at various events over the past couple of weeks! It all started with a breakfast with the Easter Bunny at the Purple Cow restaurant. The kids were served pancakes and bacon while the Easter Bunny made his rounds passing out eggs to each child. Our reservation was at 10:00, so Mason enjoyed his second breakfast for the day and his first encounter of the year with good ol' EB.

Between the PTA, school, church, YMCA, and our neighborhood, I believe there were a total of seven Easter egg hunts that Mason was invited to this year. We made it to all but one and he had a blast at each of them. Before our first one, I had him practice finding eggs around the house to make sure he understood what to do. He caught on right away and had just as much fun hiding eggs as he did finding them. The only difference between the practice round and the real egg hunts is that I didn't have any candy in the eggs. At his first hunt, Mason had collected about five eggs before he realized they had something in them. From then on, at each hunt he would pick up the first egg, open it, drop it on the floor, and try to eat the candy! 

After church on Easter we headed over to my parents house where my brother, sister's family, and grandma also were. My mom had put together a yummy Easter lunch and we all had a great time. Mason opened his basket and really loved everything the Easter Bunny brought him. It was full of trucks, sidewalk chalk, play-doh, stickers and bubbles. His new garbage truck from Grandma and Grandad is his  new favorite toy (it appears in several pictures below). Mason soaked up an abundance of love, attention, and coconut cake before taking his nap and allowing us time to relax and chat with the family.

Happy Easter everyone!

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny

"I know there's an egg in here somewhere..."

Realizing there are goodies in the eggs with his friends Emily and Kennedy at the PTA hunt. 

Swinging with my boy at the PTA hunt

Post egg hunt fun at the Palm Sunday Eggstravaganza at our church

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Waiting patiently for the YMCA egg hunt to start
Posing with EB at the YMCA
Happy Easter!

BeBe and Papa with their grandkids. There were so many cute shots of the five of them it was hard to pick just one for the blog!

The Gadek's

Mason showing his garbage truck to his great-grandma

Love my growing family!