Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Val-times Day

As Mason would say, Happy Val-times Day! This is another one of those celebratory days that is even more fun with a child involved. Sean and I cooked a nice dinner (lamb chops with mustard-mint sauce, cous cous and asparagus), exchanged cards and gifts, and put roses in a vase, but this year also included a fun class party for Mason, sweet Valentine's arriving in the mail for him, tiny hands helping me make heart-shaped sugar cookies, and a love-ly photo shoot with his friends at playgroup. Hope you enjoyed the day with your loved ones as well!

This sweet little cupid steals my heart every day

Thanks to Amanda and Lizzy for snapping these framers!

He was eyeing Hadley's outdoor playhouse and having a hard time sitting still... ;)

His collection of gifts from school, us and grandparents. My favorite is the blue truck card that his Grandad made for him! 

Coloring his Valentine's for his classmates

The best shot from his class party

Making cookies for Daddy!

Comparison shot of our little love-bug from last year to this year!