Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Where do I even begin to start with what we've been up to for the past couple of months? Things have certainly been busy around here and the blog has fallen on the back burner! A few highlights:

End of School Year/Beginning of Summer:
Mason's last day of preschool was in mid-May. We were invited to their music class one day and it was adorable to see how far he and his classmates have come in one year. Since then I've made it a point to do something new or fun at least every Tuesday & Thursday to keep him engaged and busy over the summer. This has included play dates, checking out several new playgrounds and splash parks, lots and lots of swimming at various pools, and creative projects around the house. I have a long list of (mostly indoor) ideas of things to do with him over the summer and I'm excited to start checking things off!

I'm 26 weeks now and everything is progressing perfectly! Did I ever mention that we're having another boy? I couldn't be more excited to have two boys and watch them grow up as brothers. Mason has really seemed to grasp what is going on and gives my belly kisses daily. He talks about sharing and playing with his baby brother and is very sweet about the whole thing. My thyroid is finally level and the antibody in my blood that Sean has the antigen to has shown no signs of affecting the fetus. I have felt movement for a couple of months now but just in the past couple of days it has started feeling like an all-day circus in there and I'm loving every second of it!

Big Boy Room & Potty Training:
Mason recently moved to a big boy room and it's been pretty successful. We were totally fine with the idea of keeping him in his crib until he was 18, but he was showing us a number of signs that he was ready for a bed. We started by converting his crib to a toddler bed for a month or so, then decided to move him into a new room. We'll keep the nursery for the baby and make changes to it to make it unique for our new addition. It took a couple of weeks for the excitement of it all to die down a bit and for Mason to stay in his bed once we put him down, but we're at a point now where he doesn't take advantage of his new freedom too much. We'd really like to have him potty trained by the end of the summer. I haven't put too much of a push on him, nor do I plan to. I want him to kind of come to this decision on his own without having to force it. If we put him on the potty, he'll go #1, but he's yet to do the other. So we're casually putting him on the potty at regular intervals throughout the day and I celebrate like wild when he has a dry diaper. Hopefully my excitement is encouraging to him and he doesn't think I'm a loon!

Other Fun:
We've attended several cook-outs, a crawfish boil, celebrated my birthday, Mother's Day, and Father's Day as well. Mason has had a couple of sleepovers at my parents house so Sean and I can have a date night or head out with some friends. I must say, the mornings are almost more enjoyable than the evenings in these cases. Being able to wake up on my own and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with Sean is heaven! We hosted the Spring party for the PTA group I'm involved in at our house and it was a lot of fun! It forced us to get around to some house projects that needed to be done, too.

Future Blog Updates:
As I just mentioned, we have had several updates to the house, some big, some small. The most significant of them all is the new outdoor kitchen we had put in over the past two weeks. We completely renovated one side of our yard and I'll do an entire post about it soon. Also, Mason, my mom, my niece, and I took a weekend road trip to visit my Aunt Patsy in Mississippi a couple of weekends ago. We were fattened up by my aunts cooking and pampered in her gorgeous home. More to come on that as well!

I've thrown some pictures together from our last couple of months and will let the captions explain what's going on, as there are a lot of pictures and they're in complete disorder. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!

Our first, and only, attempt at bluebonnet pictures. Hoping for some better ones next year, but this is still cute!

Spinning with Hank during music class at school!

Mason, Sean, Matthew, Brian and Papa on Mother's Day

Searching for things with our home-made binoculars!

This boy loves all things construction!

Meeting McGruff at the YMCA

Arbor Hills with his buddies Jeff, Emily and Kennedy

Crestline Park with his friends Emily, Jeff, and Ashleigh

Muffins and coffee on Mommy's birthday!

Heading over to the construction site next door

Sean took a day off for a family day full of hotdogs, ice cream, shoulder rides, and fun!

Action shot at the Walnut Hill Rec Center

Checking out the figurines at the Scottish Rite Playground

Scottish Rite Playground

Exploring a nearby creek

Splashing at Klyde Warren Park!

A preview of his big boy room. Still needs a rug, artwork above the bed and other final touches, but it's close! 
Enjoying a summer treat!

Cutie in big boy undies getting sprayed down after a particularly messy popsicle experience

WJ Thomas Splash Park

Thomas Splash Park

Pregnancy Progression

Excitement on BeBe and Papa's street after a nap over there (which explains the crazy hair and mismatched outfit!)

Driving trucks in shaving cream (another post-nap hairdo!).

My birthday meals. Dinner was all appetizers - my favorite!

Mother's Day at my sisters house!

PTA Spring Fling at our house. Top left is next years membership committee!