Thursday, October 23, 2014

Photo Catch-Up - Summer 2014

It's time for the great photo catch up! Here's what we were up to this summer:

Lots of water time in the backyard

The suit on Harrison was Sean's when he was a baby!
Splash park fun

Working in the yard and learning about worms

Visit to the Dallas Children's Aquarium

Making new friends. And I just love baby finger dimples.
Dorrie turned 40!
Sean celebrated a birthday, too! He's still safely in his 30's. :)
The ice cream truck drove by our house and Mason of course ordered a blue snow cone!
Many trips to playgrounds
Plenty of moments spent around the house and neighborhood (you can see in the middle pic that I have a climber on my hands!)
OSU and FSU kicked off their seasons at Cowboys Stadium and my brother Doug, who is the marching band director for OSU, was able to get tickets for several family members! 
Go Pokes!

Gymboree classes for Harrison and Open Gym for both boys
Mason's tennis lessons continue and Harrison enjoys cheering him on!

Top: Out with my mom and sister for Jen's birthday! Bottom L: Lunch with my dad. Bottom R: Sean at my dad's hunting lease.

Clockwise from top L: Playhouse fun, Neighborhood 4th of July parade, Harrison discovering bounce houses, and Mason learning about volcanoes!

My friend Amanda snapped this joyous picture of Mason at her daughter Kennedy's birthday party! Pictures on right are from our pretty standard family date night place of Village Burger Bar.
A couple of weekends ago I had a staycation with my friends Caroline, Rebecca, and Carrie. It was less than 24 hours but just what we needed! Time at the spa, fun meals, girl talk, and a liberal consumption of drinks!

That's a wrap! I've had several short posts in draft that I'll send out soon so I'm all caught up! I wish I could stay on top of the blog more but Sean and I both at least like having the pictures out there so we can reference them later and reminisce. Now on to Fall!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rosemary Beach - Summer 2014

Back in mid-August, we enjoyed a fabulous week-long beach vacation in the little slice of paradise that is Rosemary Beach, FL. It's located on Florida's gulf coast on the scenic Route 30A. The sand is white, the water is crystal blue, and the town center is so picture perfect it seems like a movie set. Everything in RB is within a 5 minute walking distance from the town center which is filled with cute shops, unique restaurants, and bikes in place of cars. We hardly started our car up the entire week, opting instead to stay close and use the boardwalks and pathways intertwining through RB to get to our destinations.

Sean and Mason drove there with all of our stuff, stopping in Louisiana on the way to stay with my grandma one night, and I flew with Harrison. The intention was to put as little travel stress as possible on the baby, but after a long delay and eventually cancelled flight, Sean beat us there! It was worth the wait though, and thankfully our flight home was uneventful. In the future we've decided to all stick together!

My Aunt Patsy was able to join us from Mississippi and we loved having her there! In addition to being fun to be around, she cooked every meal (she's a chef so we were quite spoiled!), watched the boys during naps/bedtime so we could head out alone if we wanted, and helped with cleaning and laundry! Thanks, Mimi!

We've never been the type to return to the same place year after year, opting instead to discover new places, but this might just be the place that changes that mentality! It was the perfect vacation.

Our very first view of the beach. Love at first sight!
The boys first morning on the beach. Harrison went for that water like a sea turtle at birth!

Our home for the week! The bottom pics are of the loggia, which is an indoor/outdoor room. The home has changed quite a  bit, but it was the HGTV Dream Home in 1999!
It was the perfect place for us and Mason loved sleeping in his hallway bunk bed retreat. Bottom right is one of the many pathways through RB right off our house!
One of my favorites pictures of all time!
I'm so glad I got them to agree to matching trunks!

Fun in the sun

We rented a cabana and two chairs and both boys fell asleep out there!

Pictures taken before the one dinner we had out. The rest were all cooked by Aunt Patsy! (the matching navy/nautical look was unplanned - obviously a favorite look in our family!)
We did not get ONE decent picture of the two of them together in their matching outfits but I'm happy with the individual ones we got!

I love his zest for life
Some outtakes! Still cuties even if they don't look at the camera at the same time. :)
We love this nugget so much! 
Clockwise from Top L: 1)An outing at the pool one day, 2) date night, 3) one of our delicious dinners (grouper, zucchini from the local farmers market, fresh salad, shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, and wine!, 4) In our PJ's at the do-nut truck early morning before they sell out!

Clockwise from Top L: 1) One of the piers we took to the beach, 2) Mimi at sunset, 3) daily hole digging, 4) venturing out to explore Seaside one afternoon

Until next time, Rosemary Beach!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Harrison is ONE!!!

Life is busy, my free time lately is precious, and as a result, the blog needs some major love (plus our internet was out for a while so that didn't help). There are so many things I want to document on here from our summer, and I will, but for now I'm focusing on Harrison's 1st Birthday!!! This was and still is a very emotional event for me. I just can't believe my baby is one. We've had so many incredible memories with him over the past year and I know there are so many more ahead.

Harrison is an absolute joy. He is ALWAYS happy. He's busy, but has the most mild disposition. He only cries when he's truly hurt, or when his feelings get hurt (that's the cutest thing to watch because he just puts his head down and cries). He eats like a champ and his weight has gone from being in the less than 5% at 6 months to the 70% at one year.

Harrison at one year:

Loves: cars (favorite toy by far), balls, blocks, knocking things down, playing with his brother, books (this took a while, but much to our pleasure he likes books now), Gymboree, watching/playing with our dog Hazel, eating, constantly moving, imitating funny noises, making people laugh, shaking his head back and forth, going on walks, playing outside, and just life in general.

Doesn't Love: being redirected (he is always going for the wine glasses, trash cans, and Mason's toilet that he doesn't always flush), sitting still, and I honestly can't think of anything else. Really, he's just so darn happy all the time.

Sleeps: 12 hours at night (7:30-7:30), and two naps in the day ranging from 1.5-2 hours each

Eats: Four 8 oz. bottles of whole milk and three meals a day. Every meal contains at least a color (fruit or vegetable), carb, and protein. Other foods are also offered but I always make sure those three areas are covered. He loves meat. If I put that down first he'll fill up and won't eat anything else. We spent the week after his birthday transitioning to whole milk and are staring the process of switching to sippy cups from bottles. He drinks his water out of sippy cups so hopefully he'll start taking his milk out of one with no issues.

Says: Mama, Baba (brother), Dada, and other cute baby babbles. Ba stands for a lot of things. We're pretty sure he's saying something along the lines of "doggie" when he sees Hazel. He imitates noises and tries to bark, sound like the vacuum, and squeal like Mason when he's excited.

Weight: 22.4 (70%)
Length: 30" (50%)
Head: 18.25 (50%)

He's very mobile through crawling and hasn't started walking yet. He walks behind push toys and along furniture, and can stand for a little on his own. I bet we have a month or two before walking is his primary form of transportation.

We just love this boy so much. Mason calls him his baby and is such a wonderful big brother. He is very protective of him and always wants to play with him. If Harrison is playing with something that Mason doesn't want him to (usually Mason's trains or big boy cars/trucks), Mason will bring him an alternative toy before taking the other away. I let them work these situations out on their own and they are both generally pleased during playtime without my interference.

We had a "Little Squirt" birthday party for him at our house. A random cold front come through and kids showed up in Uggs instead of swimsuits - so the water activities we had planned didn't really work out but the party was still great! My Aunt Patsy made some adorable cookies that were almost more of a hit at the party than Harrison was himself. He enjoyed his smash cake and had a great time playing with his friends.

Harrison, we just love you more than words can say. You fill our lives with joy and make us feel so complete. I can't imagine a day without you and we feel so lucky to be your parents. You make us so proud already and are so fun to watch. Happy 1st Birthday, my love!

Click this link to see a video of his first year in pictures. Make sure you watch until the end to see Mason's sweet contribution. 

Harrison's monthly pictures. He's grown so much! I wish I knew more about photography and could've made the coloring more consistent in these. Not sure why month 2 is so yellow!

Aunt Patsy's beautiful cookies for the party!

Party decorations

Time to party!

Clockwise from Top L: Me and my prepsters, my mom and Aunt Patsy, my sister, mom, aunt, and I, and Aunt Jen Jen with her chunk!

Our sweet guy was passed around from one admirer to the next!
Cake! He took a second to explore it, and then attacked it!
My parents with the birthday boy on top, my nephew Matthew on bottom right
He decided on his own it was time to crawl in and wash all that cake off. ;)

Happy 1st Birthday, Harrison!