Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Harrison's Baptism

Harrison was baptized this past Sunday, June 22, 2014! We wanted to do this at a time when Sean's parents were visiting from Seattle, and are thankful the date worked with our church as well as the rest of our family members. My grandma wasn't feeling well enough to travel in from Louisiana, but everyone else in our close family was present. It really meant a lot to us having them all witness his ceremony!

It was a beautiful day and Harrison was as charming as ever. He made the congregation laugh when he kept trying to get his hands on the pastors hymnal, and smiled at everyone as he was walked around. He wore the same outfit my brother and nephew did when they were baptized. Mason was a little too chunky to fit in it when he was baptized three years ago, but Feltman Bros. still makes the same outfit so he wore a new, bigger, version of it at his baptism. My sister and brother, Aunt Jen-Jen and Uncle Doug, are his (and Mason's) Godparents.

My parents hosted a lunch at their house following church, and my mom and Aunt Patsy fattened us up once again with a delicious meal! I'm still trying to decide which I liked better: the white chocolate raspberry bundt cake, or the coconut delight. I think I need to sample each again before I decide. ;)

The following is from the church bulletin, and I just love how it's put: With God's help, we will so order our lives after the example of Christ, that Harrison Scott, surrounded by steadfast love, may be established in the faith, and confirmed and strengthened in the way that leads to life eternal.

Reaching for that hymnal!

Getting baptized! 

The Godparents

Handsome fellas

The Henderson's

Henderson's with my sister's family (Gadek's), and Aunt Patsy (Mimi) 
The Robison's

Our parents/the boys' grandparents

Doug is the Godfather for all four of his niece and nephews!

With our pastor, Dr. Stan Copeland

The church  bulletin

Monday, June 23, 2014

Harrison - 9 Months

Harrison turned 9 months last week! I can't believe we only have a quarter of a year before his first birthday. He's been here for such a short time, but has made a huge impact already! He's such an integral part of our family and really makes us feel complete.

He takes four 8-oz. formula bottles a day (one when he wakes up, one after each nap, and one before bed), and eats with us three times a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He pretty much eats tiny bites of what we do, or a puree that I've made him. We stay away from avocado and banana because he appears to have a latex allergy and those foods have a latex protein in them that makes him sick. We might set up an appointment with a pediatric allergist to determine this allergy for sure, but for now we just stay away from those foods. This boys LOVES food and hasn't turned anything down. He definitely prefers finger food over purees and baby food, but he'll still eat those if they're all he's offered.

He's an excellent sleeper and sleeps for 11.5-12 hours at night, and takes two 2-hour naps in the day. He just got over his second stomach bug and his naps were about three hours each while he was fighting that! The poor thing was sick with it for almost two weeks and we're all happy to see his cheerful, healthy self again.

Harrison is a growing boy and put on five pounds and grew two inches in the last three months! What was our tiny fella is definitely getting some rolls now. He is so fun to play with and loves to play peek-a-boo, how big is Harrison?, wave bye-bye or hello, say ma-ma, ba-ba, and ga-ga, army crawl or roll to his destination, and pull himself up. His favorite thing to play with is still, by far, Mason. Their bond is stronger than ever and they are the cutest and best of buds. He is still our happy, laid-back, compliant guy that is pleased in just about any situation.

Weight: 18.3 (25% - up from <5%!)
Length: 27 1/2 (20%)
Head: 17 3/4 (50%)

We love you Harrison, Harrison baby, Parrison, Harry, Harry Barry, Bug.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Photo Update

We had several events over the past couple of months that I never got around to blogging about. So it's time for another photo update!

Valentine's Day
Yes, we're going that far back. Some of these pictures are pretty cute and I wanted to save the moment on the blog!
A little v-day photo shoot at play group. Harrison was in a coordinating outfit but slept through it all!

Mason's class party

The heartbreaking left picture was his reaction to having to stay at school for lunch after his party instead of coming home with me, and the right picture is him working on the Valentine's Day card he made for Sean.

Go, Dog, Go
Mason and I had a little date to go see a production of Go, Dog, Go at the Dallas Children's Theater. He had gone once before with Sean to see The Cat in the Hat and really enjoyed it so I wanted to go back with him. We'll definitely check out some of their other productions in the future!

Me and my cute date

He met the entire cast after the show and had them all sign his book!

Baby Bubble Bath
We accidentally spilled soap in the baby tub and it resulted in some pretty adorable pictures!
He didn't seem to mind one bit!

Music Class
At the end of the school year the parents are invited to come watch music class one day. It's not a performance of any kind, just a regular day and it was so fun to watch Mason interact with his peers and get a peek into his day at school.
Hud and Harrison were his best buds from class
We had several egg hunts to attend this year and Mason made us laugh by ONLY collecting blue eggs. It added a fun challenge to the hunts!
"What do we have in here?"

Seersucker studs
YMCA Easter Egg hunt

Barton Creek
We attended a wedding of one of Sean's co-workers at the Barton Creek Resort in the Austin hill country. It's an absolutely gorgeous resort with lots of activities for the kids. We enjoyed hiking, playing putt putt, driving golf carts, and eating good BBQ with the boys. We had a sitter come to the hotel for the actual wedding which worked out great! On our way to Austin, we stopped in a run down parking lot so I could feed Harrison and Mason could get out to stretch his legs and go potty, and we ended up snapping some cute pictures of our little adventure!
Beautiful wedding at Barton Creek

Pit stop fun

Love them! Harrison's preppy romper outfit makes me laugh with the rugged backdrop. 
Mason had a blast playing on this old trailer

Enjoying some good 'ol Texas BBQ and having fun in a golf cart!

Mothers Day and My Birthday
I had a great Mother's Day with my boys at home in the morning, and celebrated with my parents and sister's family in the afternoon. Two days later I got to celebrate again for my birthday (I didn't want them to double up this year!). Sean took me to a fun dinner at Neighborhood Services while my parents watched the boys, and the next night I headed to another great meal on the patio of the downtown Meso Maya with my girlfriends. They have my favorite list of margaritas in town and after sampling three of them I was very thankful I had carpooled with Dorrie! Sadly, I don't have any pictures of my date night with Sean or my fabulous dinner with my girlfriends - I was having too much fun in the moments I guess!

No better honor than being their mother

My sister, grandma, mom, and I on Mother's Day
The Friday before Mother's Day and my birthday we went to Eno's for pizza and Emporium Pies for dessert in the Bishop Arts district with my dad and grandma. Two of my favorite restaurants in town!

Mason just wrapped up his first week of Vacation Bible School at our church. He came home with the sweetest messages and had fun learning all about Jesus and how he loves everyone, even though everyone is different. On the last day of VBS, and then again at church on Sunday, we got to watch the kids perform some of the songs they learned. It was so cute. Let's just say that choreography is not his thing, which made for some good laughs since he was in the center of the front row.
The top picture is blurry but shows how Mason was marching to the beat of his own drum during the performance. The bottom pictures are from the VBS Bash at the end of the week.

Papa joined us to watch Mason's performance and Harrison had a blast at the Bash, too!

Father's Day
Father's Day weekend got off to a rough start when Sean's flight home from NY on Friday went from being delayed several times to being canceled all together. He made it home mid-day Saturday and we made the most of our weekend celebrating him. Harrison has been fighting a bug for over a week now, and ended up needing a visit to the after hours pediatric office on Sunday. This took our day a little off course but hey, isn't that what fatherhood is all about? You can have your day all mapped out but sometimes the little ones have different plans in store. We still had a great day around the home in the morning, made it to church and a quick lunch out, and Sean spent the afternoon right where he wanted to be - working on a playhouse for the boys (blog post to come on that!). We ended up eating dinner at 9:30 pm, and hit the bed hard from exhaustion that evening, but tried to focus on the positives and had a great day!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Complimentary shoe shine at church

Despite Harrison not feeling well, he still managed an adorable smile!

Love these three

Mason answered these questions for a Father's Day questionnaire. I wrote down the first thing he said and some of them are pretty hilarious.

Tennis & Gymboree
Mason has started taking tennis lessons once a week and Harrison has started a Gymboree class once a week. The tennis lessons are really cute to watch. Mason has a smile on his face the whole time and really enjoys it. He's not half bad, either! The first time I sat Harrison down at Gymboree he looked around the room, and then just started flapping his arms and making really happy noises. It was so cute and I regret not starting him sooner as he absolutely loves it! He really seems to enjoy being in a room full of other babies his age and just smiles and laughs the whole time.
Just like Mason, he loved the bubbles and parachute!

First tennis lesson

Other Random Photos
These are just random shots from my phone that I wanted to put on here.
At lunch with my brother about 3 months ago!

My dad's birthday lunch and some playtime in BeBe's garden

Creek picnic with my boys that ended up with Mason in his skivvies!

Water balloon fight with Daddy one Friday after work a few months ago

Day Out With Thomas on the left, walking around the neighborhood with a bamboo stick on the right.

Harrison is getting too big, too fast! He loves finger foods and prefers them over purees/baby food, has started standing, crawls about one or two leg pushes worth, and in the bottom right is cuddling with me when he wasn't feeling well.
Now I'm caught up! Fingers crossed I will start blogging more regularly again and avoid having to do these long update posts!