Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swim Lessons

Once again, I have fallen behind on the blog. We have had a lot of fun things going on, as well as some trying times with our determined 2.5 year old, and I will try to get to it all soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures from Mason's swim lessons today. He takes them on Saturdays because Sean really wanted to do them with him. They both  have a blast and it's hard to get them out of the pool when the lesson is over! Sean swam on swim team as a child and has always enjoyed it, and Sean's mom swam a mile the day Sean was born! She still loves to swim so we're hoping this is a family trait and just the beginning of Mason's love of the water.

If we had a pool in our backyard, we might be a little more serious about teaching Mason how to swim on his own, but all we want at this point is for him to be comfortable in the water. If he picks up some swimming tips along the way, even better. Well, we can definitely check the comfort part off the list and are now concerned with him being a little too comfortable and are hoping he doesn't try to jump in without us! Today he did learn how to use the ledge to pull himself out of the pool without any assistance from Sean. Success for the day!

So happy for class to start!

Likely swallowing some water

A new way to use a noodle!

Scooping to get to his ball

Sean takes the hokey-pokey to new heights. No wonder Mason loves swimming so much!

He asked to go under a good 15 times.

Silly swimmer

Working on his strokes

Reaching for the wall

Pulling himself up!

Taking a second to say hi to mommy
And they're off again!